We are the planets of the eyes A project beyond the galaxy
If you dream of having your own planet within the galaxy and challenging the entire space, come join us.
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Every planet can be used to generate income in the game. You can upgrade your planets. Fight with other planets and earn money. (In the future)

In addition, owners can join the private Planets of the Eyes club, which of course is also a secret!

The only way to engage and reveal the unknown is to hold a planet. So don't wait any longer and join us!

You can get coins in battles and use them to upgrade your planet. You can also fight with others and the winners will own the  losers NFT.
Planets of eyes is not a simple project?!
We are a collection of 9000 functional NFTs that have different capabilities and features! (More will be added in the future)

The Art of Planets of the Eyes is created by a very strong team globally.

We are making the game Planets of the Eyes, wait for the surprise

We will tell you a brief explanation about the game and how to earn money.

An exciting journey into the depths of the galaxy

.  You can explore deep space, advance and build a great empire for yourself.
We have four different types of breeds with unique characteristics that members can choose whichever they like.
.  Inside each planet, certain creatures with special characteristics live. Different races can be compatible or hostile. You have your empire and you are the final decision maker. Bring the best improvements to your community with different policies and make the best profit from it.
.  After the end of the fourth phase, we will start the game Planets of the Eyes.
.  In the game, members can fight each other and upgrade their planet. Plunder the resources of other planets and they can fight over their own planet and the winner will be the owner of the planet.
We create coins for planets. In the game, members can use coins to upgrade their planets. Win battles and get more coins.
  Members can convert coins into dollars and withdraw the resulting income.
.  By upgrading your planets, you can participate in special tournaments and win valuable prizes.
Several planets can form an alliance together and attack another alliance. You can help each other to get better results.
.  A special market for buying and selling planets, resources and tools will be launched so that members can exchange resources, buy new planets or sell their own planets and earn income.
  First of all NFT holders will have access to the market and game so that they can own anything they like to earn better income.
We will give planets to all holders as many NFTs as they have in their wallets. So that they can start earning without any cost. Your NFT will determine the value of each planet and its capabilities.
.  Those who do not have NFT must access the market after the NFT owner members, they must buy the planets to start the

More details in the future. .........
Planets of the eyes game


Founder /Artist


Jeff Golden
Web3 Engineer

Abhay Singh
community manager